For online contributions, please note that when you are on the page where you enter your payment method, you will see a link, “Please indicate restrictions, if any”, that opens a text box where you should include instructions for how you wish your donation to be used.  If this field is left blank, your donation will be used for The Floyd Center for the Arts’ general operations.

We have many ways you can support us through donating your hard-earned money, and every single penny counts and makes a difference. We have varying levels of donor activity, each of which is acknowledged in our Annual Report and other appropriate publications (unless you want to be anonymous).

Call or email to find out more about how you can financially support our vision, mission, and longevity in our service to your community.

Employer Matching Gift Programs
Don’t forget to speak to your employer about matching gift programs at your place of employment, and to remember us where those programs are available. Most employer-match programs offer an easy way to double the support you can give us.

Special Gifts Programs
We have the infrastructure to accept donations of stocks and other financial instruments.

Although we do not have an endowment program at this time, we would like to discuss with you the mechanics of establishing one, if your donor interest is a lifetime legacy.

We have both an un-juried silent and juried live auction every year – if you feel you cannot donate cash, but have artworks, products, or services that you want to donate (and you don’t want to mess with eBay), then you can donate your item, art, or certificate for service or commission to one of our fundraising auctions.

eBay Activities = Donations for The Floyd Center for the Arts
As a qualified nonprofit on eBay, the Floyd Center for the Arts can benefit if you either buy or sell there. Look into the terms and conditions surrounding their eBay GivingWorks program. You can make a difference to us while you do what you were going to do anyway on eBay – look for our logo and commit to buy or sell with your Floyd Center for the Arts in mind.

Additionally, if you have items you would like to donate instead of cash, either we or you can easily turn them into cash in support of our programs via eBay. So we are more able than ever before to accept your “stuff,” whether it has anything to do with the arts or not. Better still, sell it yourself on eBay (look for GivingWorks and hit the “sell” button to find out how) and channel all the income from the auction to us via eBay GivingWorks.

Spread the Wealth
If you’d like to donate a given sum, but want it spread over the year or a few months so it is less burdensome to your budget, let us know the total amount and what increments you’d like us to debit against your credit card (and for how long) to reach that sum, and we can take care of your donation for you.

Donate Today

Hit the “donate” button at the top of the page.

Your impulse for generosity in financial support of our programs, goals, and mission can be actualized in any way that suits your budget, means, and giving goals. Please call 540-745-2784 or email for more information.