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The Arts Mean Business
boardnstaffsm1Your business can get immediate payback by using our reach into a market segment that appreciates the arts and sustainable community development. Our audience is the same group that seeks the services and products that you distribute—and is likely to have more income to devote to enhancing your business model.


Why Our Audience is Important to You

• This entire region appreciates and values the arts-in Floyd alone, 71 percent of residents acknowledge art as an economic boon to the area.

• Financial partnerships with nonprofit arts organizations add critical value to the local economy:


o The Jacksonville Center’s support of personnel and instructors translates into both jobs and place-based businesses. This kind of spending means those dollars stay in the community longer.

o In 2008, two-thirds of the Jacksonville Center’s annual budget was expended in Floyd County.

o We are able to leverage our salaried positions into much more than local jobs-our staff manages, trains, and mentors volunteers to the tune of enjoying 6,000 volunteer hours of assistance during 2007. These hours were donated not only by Floyd County residents, but also those living in such far-reaching localities as Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake.

o We work with many retraining and youth-mentoring programs that share job costs in return for training, oversight and time management to help workers re-tool for a new career; and in giving at-risk youngsters both responsibilities as well as supervision, to help keep them out of trouble.

sunset2sm• Local resident and visitor spending on arts activities is leveraged beyond admissions charges to many other types of businesses in the region, from lodging and meals to gifts and gas. According to a FloydFest participant survey compiled in 2006, nearly half the audience spent over $75 dollars in Floyd, beyond the cost of admission. The survey also indicated that forty-eight percent of respondents said they earn upwards of fifty thousand dollars a year.

• Because arts nonprofits add to the region’s quality of life, our area has become a magnet for potential new residents and start-up businesses. We answered questions of about 13,500 on-site visitors in 2008 and we’ve heard testimonials from many recently relocated neighbors who cite The Jacksonville Center as one of the primary reasons for their decision to move here. Many are retirees with disposable income, interested in pursuing long-postponed “hearts desire” businesses and hobbies.

• Newcomers come to us seeking advice on what local businesses to approach for needs ranging from building new homes or outbuildings to where to lodge overflow visiting family.

• Our history of leadership in developing and nurturing partnerships with fellow for-profit, nonprofit, and government entities is unparalleled in the region. These partnerships have taken the form of everything from cooperative advertising efforts to joint grant-application leadership.

Want Tourists? We’ve Got Tourists

facemugsfloydfestsmIf yours is a visitor services business, there are multitudes of reasons to forge a partnership with The Jacksonville Center to reach into this widely-ranging audience of potential buyers:

• Cultural tourists stay longer and spend more than visitors seeking other kinds of experiences.

• Travel trends indicate there is a markedly increased demand by travelers for destinations that protect the authenticity, economy, and geographic character of place-things that Floyd County is famous for. This is the definition of “geotourism,” i.e., that which sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place-its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. Geotourism = place-based, sustainable tourism, embracing these concepts: that destinations remain unspoiled for future generations, while allowing for enhancement that protects the character of the locale; that visitor revenue can promote conservation and protection.

• As Baby Boomers reach their 60s, travel tops the list of most desired retirement activities. The incidence of leisure travel continues to be dominated by adults traveling as couples (61% vs. the next-closest category: adults traveling with children @ 31%).



• Younger families are discovering the “New Sunbelt” (VA, TN, NC, SC & GA), and are coming for jobs and to raise their families in our amenable environment. Both new families and retirees find the climate of the “New Sunbelt” a plus, and seek arts/culture activities to add to their quality of life.

• The Economic Impact Assessment (Nov. 4, 2008) conducted by SDCI on the Crooked Road shows that visitors to Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail sought additional activities:

o  66% of respondents said they wanted cultural, agricultural, and historic venues to visit also.

o Among the strongest motivations for visitors to be on the music trail (in addition to listening to bluegrass music) was shopping (46%).

o When asked what they were shopping for, 62% said arts and crafts (#1 was music and #3 was clothing).

• Current experience and numbers tell us that 25% of visitors stay at least 1 night in Floyd County, while 75% are day-trippers.

• Estimates from our restaurant partners indicate that the average Floyd County visitor spends $20/day for meals.

• Estimates from our retail partners indicate that the average Floyd County visitor spends about $75 on miscellaneous expenses during a stay in the area (includes fuel, gifts/souvenirs, music/admissions).

Partnered Marketing = Win-Win
These people are our people, too. We offer that which they seek. Together, we can provide the services that answer not only our visitor needs, but also those of our newest residents and our community of longstanding in the region.

buffspringsmWe believe you’ll agree that your partnership with the Jacksonville Center will extend your marketing dollars as well as your image in the region as a contributing corporate neighbor. Like two hands working together, let’s shape a useful, mutually beneficial and creative partnership that will leverage both our assets to their fullest, and provide an excellent service to our shared audience.

For more information about how your message on our programs can help us both, please call 540-745-2784, email or take the Business Link to some of our printed materials for more information.