Glass Club

a community of glass artists

The Glass Club will meet once  a month on the 3rd Saturday of the month at noon until 4pm in the center’s glass studio.  Each session costs $25 for glass, fuel, tool use and facilities per club attendee.



Glass Artists Club Benefits

-Access the glass studio during club sessions.

-Work with an experienced glass artist, who facilitates your studio sessions.

-Schedule demonstrations on topics of interest.

-Join a supply buying club.

-Participate in a community of fellow glass artists.


This year, the glass club will be facilitated by Lara Davis Phelps.

RSVP before the session to or directly to Lara at or call The Jax at 540-745-2784.  If no one RSVPs, than Lara will not hold the club that month.

You may email Lara at the above email address to ask specific questions as well.