FAD – Friday, June 20, Noon

The topic for the June Floyd Art Dialogue (FAD) is “Color and the Arts”. The discussion will cover technical, and emotional aspects of color, and the various roles it plays in all the arts. Some possible questions to consider: Do you think of color in terms of describing what you see or what you feel? Is color better than black and white? What do we mean by “colorful characters”? What is meant by the term color in music?  What is it with favorite colors?

FAD meets at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts once a month for a one-hour discussion on selected topics in the arts. Artists, artisans, writers, musicians, gardeners, quilters…, non-artists, talkers, listeners, thinkers, makers, and doers of all kinds are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Join us at The JAX for a colorful discussion on Friday, June 20, 12 noon – 1pm.

For more info Charlie Brouwer, 540 2502966, cbrouwer@swva.net

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