FAD, August 14: “Artist’s Groups – Why?”

Blue Pomegranate To Be Special Guests of Floyd Art Dialogue


August 14, 12-1 pm in the Community Room

            The topic for this month’s Floyd Art Dialogue (FAD) at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts is “Artist’s Groups – Why?”. Throughout the history of art, artists have formed groups. Sometimes it has been a way to market their work, and other times they have formed around a new style or philosophy of art. Sometimes the groups are a mix of artists like writers, musicians, and painters, but they have also formed because they held a common interest such as photography, ceramics, or poetry. A group of artists named Blue Pomegranate has generously agreed to meet with FAD to help in understanding artist groups in general by sharing the particular experience of their group. 

            Since the mid-nineties, when they begin meeting together monthly in the Blacksburg area, this unique multi-generational collection of artists has grown from 2 to 6 members. Participants in this FAD will learn how the Blue Pomegranate group got started, why they have stayed together, and how their members have benefited from the experience… and perhaps how they got their name. FAD hopes that some members of Floyd’s various artist’s groups will join the conversation and share their experiences.

            FAD meets Friday, August 14 from 12 noon to 1 PM and it meets once a month at the Jacksonville Center to discuss and share ideas about topics in art that are of interest to the community of Floyd and beyond.

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