Work Study


What is the work-study program?

In the work-study program, participants earn tuition for a class by serving at The Jacksonville Center. One hour of class tuition is earned for each hour of service. Under the supervision of the educational programming coordinator, participants develop and complete a work plan. Once the service hours are completed, the participant may exchange them for a class.

The work-study program does not cover materials or facilities fees that may be incurred by the student during class; materials fees are due on the last day of class.

How does one participate in the work-study program?

Participation in the Work-Study Program is by application only. Participants develop and complete a specific work plan in collaboration with the educational programming coordinator. Successful applicants will offer needed skills, commit to their assigned service projects, and have some flexibility in their availability.

Applicants begin the process by  filling out an Work Study Application and contacting the educational programming coordinator directly via phone or email.

Can volunteers “convert” volunteer hours to work-study hours?

No. If a volunteer or member is interested in the work-study program, he or she should apply directly to the work-study program through the educational programming coordinator.

Only approved work-study project hours qualify for tuition benefits.

Which classes can participants take?

Work-study participants identify in advance the class for which they wish to work. If classes are not yet scheduled for the year, participants may provisionally identify the studio or media in which they wish to take a class.

Classes are held only when there is sufficient paid enrollment. If a selected class is canceled, the work-study participant may select an alternative class.

How do participants log their hours?

Participants maintain a work-study file under the supervision of the educational programming coordinator. They also log their hours on the Volunteer Time Sign-In Sheets, located in the front office.

Do work-study hours carry over from one year to the next?

It depends. Generally work-study agreements are made for classes taking place during the same calendar year. However, there may be work-study opportunities available over winter break where hours will be applicable to the following year’s courses. Exceptions may also be made for canceled or postponed classes.

For more information or if you are interested in applying for our work study program please fill out our  Work Study Application and contact:

Leia Thompson Wood
Director of  Educational Programming
(540) 745-2784