The Forge

Blacksmithing class stays warm in the snow, December 2010

Built in 2004/2005 as part of the center’s move toward arts and crafts education and the establishment of a residential crafts school, the Floyd Center for the Arts Forge is located in a wooded corner of the center’s property. With 6 coal forges and 8 anvils, the shop is perfect for small classes and hammer-ins. Beyond the forges and anvils, the Forge is fully equipped with a bench grinder & angle grinders, an arc & a mig welder, a drill press, 1 gas forge, an electric cutoff saw, and enough hammers, tongs and wrenches to supply a small armory.

Gerald Boggs (on right) demonstrates a technique for his Dragons class, 2009

The Forge is primarily maintained by the students and instructors who use and rent the space. However, the Old Dominion Blacksmith Association gives the forge some special attention and love 2-3 times a year during hammer-in weekends (visit the OBDSA website for more information on this year’s hammer-ins).

Every year the Center offers between 6-12 blacksmithing classes in the Forge. We also offer an On-Demand Beginning Blacksmithing class.



Studio Wish List

Want to know how you can help maintain and improve the Forge? Check out our wish list!


Tools & Equipment

Power Hammer
Wheeled Cart for Arc Welder
Longer Leads 30’
2 – 7/8” Shank Hardies (AP) 16.80
2 Chip Hunt Creasers (Right) 25.00
6 Rasp Handles
Twist-On– 2.00 EACH
6 Fuller Hardies
6 Clinker Hooks
6 Tool Rack Bars for Forge Ends
Portable and Standing Hard Saws (Small #4)
Beverly Shears- any/all sizes
Motion Detector/Flood Lamp

A Jax Hammer

A Jax Hammer


Studio Rental

The Forge is available to rent for qualified individuals. Please read our rental policies and prices below. You may also download and print a copy of our Forge Rental Policies & Agreement form.

Tess Jones at the Forge, 2005

Renters must be approved by Education personnel and instructed in procedures for using torches and forges by a qualified instructor before they will be cleared to work on their own.

  • Rent is $150/month; $50/week; $15/day. (5% discount applies for members)
  • Forge access available during the center’s business hours.
  • Participants are required to sign in and out at the office during each visit.
  • The forge is only available to renters when the space is not otherwise scheduled. Monthly class schedules are posted in the forge and in the front office binder.
  • A $50.00 security deposit is required with rental agreement.
  • Rental includes use of tools, equipment and coal. All tools must be returned to their respective storage containers.
  • Renters will be assigned shelf space for their supplies and work upon request, and are obligated to confine their work to this space when not in the studio. Make arrangements for space with Education Department personnel.
  • Renters are responsible for acquiring their iron and acetylene fuel, though they may purchase these from the center. Arrangements must be made with Education personnel before materials are used—unplanned use may result in insufficient supplies for classes.
  • All safety precautions regarding use of the forge MUST be adhered to.
  • Renters are responsible for damage done to tools and equipment due to negligence or mistreatment.
  • Renters are responsible for cleaning forge areas they have used.
  • Current charges for use of the iron and acetylene will be posted in the studio or available in the office.