Lampshade Making, November 6 & 7

Instructor: Susan Icove

Date: Monday & Tuesday, November 6 & 7, 1pm-5pm

Tuition: Jax Member $60.00 / Non Member $75.00

Material Fee: (Due during workshop) Approx $30

Class Description: Join Susan Icove and make your own perfect lampshade for a one-of-a-kind lamp! Come spend two half days at the Floyd Center for the Arts to learn the process of making lampshades.  If all aligns correctly you should be able to make a few shades to take home.

The types of shades taught during this class are:

Drum Lampshades

and Cone Shape Lampshades

You will be asked to bring your own paper or fabric for this process. When you sign up the instructor will guide you in the selection of appropriate materials. You will also want to bring the lamp(s) you intend to put the lampshade(s) on. This will help determine the size and style of shade you will want to make.

In the class, you will be provided with the following items.

1. Cutting mats

2. Wire to forms for the top and bottom of the shade

3. Spray glue for attaching the fabric or paper to the styrene

4. Arc Patterns to make the shade from

5. Styrene to line the shade

6. Grosgrain to trim both the top and bottom of the shade

Minimum Age: 18 and older or with special permission by instructor

Minimum Enrollment: 5, Maximum Enrollment: 12

About the Instructor: As an artist, Susan Icove seeks to find the beauty in what others may consider junk.  She draws on her love of combining elements of the past with the world of the present.  She creates three-dimensional collages to form lamps and other furnishings, that are often surprising and humorous, using household objects, broken appliances, odd family heirlooms, or just leftover odds and ends. She finds these objects by searching junkyards, thrift stores, yard sales, and even dumpster diving.  Often a lamp will grow around a few parts that work together so that each lamp has a theme.  “Each creative decision builds upon the one before it, perfectly orchestrated in accordance with the message that I seek to inspire,” states Susan.  She feels that lighting is one of the foundations of the atmosphere in our lives and her lamps reincorporate found and recycled objects into our homes in unexpected ways.  Living in the rural southwestern Virginia town of Floyd, Susan has many interests, ranging from her 125 year old home, the local community, and as an owner of a local gallery, Troika Contemporary Crafts.  When not making lamps, she divides her time between her husband David, her children, Max and Margaux, and their many dogs and horses.  After an earlier career as a successful studio potter, Susan turned over a new leaf, and began to assemble her unique lamps.  The challenges of adapting modern living to an old home, while preserving the character of the house, has been a profound influence on Susan’s development as an artist.  Her often playful and surprising solutions to lighting are an obvious outcome.   You can learn more about Susan Icove and her work at her gallery in Floyd and online at

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