Fold Forming with Nell Fredericksen

Instructor: Nell Fredericksen

Date: Saturday & Sunday, June 23 and 24, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Tuition: Jax Member $120.00 / Non Member $150.00

Material Fee: (Due during workshop) Approx. $100

Class Description: 

Fold forming is a traditional technique for hammer working metal that produces a wide variety of very volumetric organic shapes.  During this class we will explore many different folds including line folds, T folds, Pleated folds, and star folds.  Proper hammer use and technique will be emphasized.  Students will practice these fold forming techniques in copper and then translate those techniques they especially like into silver.  Students can bring their own metals (copper and silver sheet - 24 gauge is best) or you can purchase these as needed from the instructor.

Minimum Age: 18 and older or with responsible adult/special permission from instructor

Minimum Enrollment: 4, Maximum Enrollment: 6

About the Instructor: 

Nell Fredericksen has been a professional artist and fine art jeweler for over 28 years. She is an Artisan Center of VA Juried Master Artisan. She has a fascination and wonder in connection with nature and her work is very organic and reflects the natural world. Nell works primarily in gold and has a high level of expertise in many traditional metalsmithing techniques. Learn More about the Instructor at:

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