“Art Works For Us” – Call for our 2016 Public Art Program

Art Works For Us – A public sculpture/outdoor art tour through Floyd County VA

Download the following information as a printable PDF here.

The Jacksonville Center for the Arts ran a pilot program over the last year. We are please that we have received funds to continue and expand it through 2018. We are now calling for interested businesses and landowners, and possible artists, to apply to the tour. The tour will be from September 2016 to July 2017.

How to Participate:

Business or Landowner: you can participate by providing a venue for displaying a sculpture or other outdoor artwork, this program will be a chance to express their own individuality and their support for the creative spirit that is Floyd. Business and private landowners can indicate their interest in hosting artwork by filling out an interest form with information about their property.  Download the Business/Landowner interest form here.

Local or Regional Artist: are encouraged to produce large-scale work for public display. This is an invitation to lend their creativity and vision to be part of Floyd’s aesthetic environment.   Artists are asked to fill out an application describing their artwork. Photos or sketches of their artwork will be required.  Download the Artist application here.

The Plan and Costs:

  • Interest forms from Businesses/Landowners and Applications from Artists are due July 20, 2016.
  • The Jax will review all forms and pair artists with appropriate sites.
  • Businesses/Landowners will have the final approval of the artwork and asked to pay the participating site fee of $100 to The Jacksonville Center by August 31st
  • The Jacksonville Center will pay the accepted Artists an honorarium of $500 after the artwork is installed.
  • Artists will work with Business/Landowners to install artwork in September 2016.
  • Artwork will be on display for one calendar year. At that time Business/Landowners may choose to purchase the artwork from the artist. The Jacksonville Center will also be selecting one piece of art to purchase as a permanent addition to the trail.
  • The trail includes an interactive map and signage at each artwork site.


Benefits of Participating:

According to the NRV Livability Report “Developing arts and cultural activities to serve as a “community draw” can stimulate business activity, attract tourism revenue, and help retain high quality employers and employees by creating highly desirable places in which to raise a family, work and retire.“

The “Art Works For Us” program offers exactly what this report is referring to, both artists and business/landowners will gain visibility in our community.  Public artwork may lead to other commissioned pieces for the artists.  Businesses may see increased attention by tourists and locals, and in turn increased profit. The use of an online interactive map allows tourists to easily navigate to other trail sites and increase traffic to the business that the artwork is installed at.

This Program is Supported by The Community Foundation of the New River Valley and The Jacksonville Center for the Arts.

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